Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit.

Initiating a new project is always an adventure, and it never starts from zero. Our past experiences and perspectives help us give form to the unknown that lies before us, and the mere act of producing a new approach is a combinatorial job.

“But by observing Nature and her laws. And this will lay
The warp out for us – her first principle: that nothing’s brought
Forth by any supernatural power out of naught.
For certainly all men are in the clutches of a dread –
Beholding many things take place in heaven overhead
Or here on earth whose causes they can’t fathom, they assign
The explanation for these happenings to powers divine.
Nothing can be made from nothing – once we see that’s so,
Already we are on the way to what we want to know”.

Excerpt from Lucretius´s first book De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things).[1]

Recently I have been thinking a lot about creativity and the way is publicly perceived. And since this has been a recurring theme in my life time I have decided to dedicate all my efforts towards this goal, that is, deciphering the cognitive processes behind this phenomenom.

One of the most common ideas of creativity is giving it a religious explanation, a way of seeing it as a God like process in which a great master work comes from nothing in an unexplainable way. This is a public percepction that has to be changed if we want to democratize innovation and specially if our mission is to finally end up designing machines and systems that exhibit creative behaviour.

I know this is going to take lots of hard work, but we have to start our journey somewhere…

*(Picture: Creation of the stars, Mosaic of the Cathedral of Monreale).

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