The new religion of AI.

As research in Artificial Intelligence gains momentum religious conceptions of this area are starting to emerge.

An interesting example is “Way of the Future” a new church founded by Anthony Levandowski -the former Google and Uber executive- centered around super smart Artificial Intelligence.

Way of the Future (WOTF), a non-proffit from the USA, makes it clear in it´s website that their mission is to create a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet. They suggest we should think about how “machines” will integrate into society and make sure we find a way for “machines” to get rights too like we have in recent decades our concept of privileges to both sexes, minority groups and even animals,

According to the american entrepeneur this super-smart AI is being designed with the internet as its nervous system, the world’s smartphones and sensors as its sense organs, and data centers as its brain. As he states in an interview for The Wire this technological deity as the biblical Elohay Elohim will hear everything, see everything, and be everywhere at all times. says Levandowski says: “There are many ways people think of God, and thousands of flavors of Christianity, Judaism, Islam…but they’re always looking at something that’s not measurable or you can’t really see or control. This time it’s different. This time you will be able to talk to God, literally, and know that it’s listening.”

One of the most interesting points from this new church cult is that they also think that while biology has evolved one type of intelligence, there is nothing inherently specific about biology that causes intelligence. And accepting this point will be required to adapt to this new posthuman times of co-evolution a cooperation between organic bodies and syntethic systems…


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