Antidisciplinary Attitude is the Way.

Architect and designer Neri Oxman proposes in her “Krebs Cycle of Creativity” a map for four domains of creative exploration—Science, Engineering, Design and Art—in an attempt to represent the antidisciplinary hypothesis: knowledge can no longer be produced within disciplinary boundaries, but is entirely entangled.

Inspired by the philosophical work of designer John Maeda this circular approach considers the role of Science is to explain and predict the world around us (transforming information into knowledge), the job of Engineering is to apply scientific knowledge to the development of solutions for empirical problems (knowledge becomes utility), the task of Design is to produce embodiments of solutions that maximize function and augment human experience (utility as behavior), and finally the responsability of Art is to question human behavior and create awareness of the world around us (behavior transformed into new perceptions of information).

According to Joichi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab, by picking up where cybernetics left off and by redirecting the development of modern design and science to an antidisciplinary approach a new kind of knowledge production must emerge. Communication protocols between and across disciplines are necessary today for the advancement of research and production of new knowledge.

Here is where adopting the mindset of a DJ or collage artist becomes useful, because nowadays it seems that only by collaborating and remixing a new way for creativity will be placed before us…

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