The idea of artistic work must be abolished.

“We must take note of the fact that the artist nowadays is occupied with painting flags, posters, pots and pans textiles and things like that. What is referred to as ‘artistic work’ has on the vast majority of occasions nothing whatever to do with creative effort: and the term ‘artistic work’ is used in order to demonstrate the ‘sacredness’ of the work which the artist does at his easel. The conception of ‘artistic work’ presupposes a distinction between useful and useless work and as there are only a few artists buyers can be found even for their useless products. The artist’s work lies beyond the boundaries of the useful and the useless.


Therefore THE IDEA OF ‘ARTISTIC WORK’ MUST BE ABOLISHED AS A COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT OF WHAT IS CREATIVE and work must be accepted as one of the functions of the living human organism in the same way as the beating of the heart or the activity of the nerve centers, so that it will be afforded the same protection”.

Quotes from “Suprematism in World Reconstruction” by russian artist, designer, photographer, teacher, typographer, and architect El_Lissitsky (1920).


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