Human consciousness is an illusion.

“Human consciousness is unlike all other varieties of animal consciousness in that it is a product in large part of cultural evolution . . . creating thereby a cognitive architecture unlike the ‘bottom-up’ minds of animals. . . . [T]his architecture furnishes each of us with . . . a user-illusion”.

As philosopher Daniel Dennett writes in “From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds” (2017).

*(Picture: illustration of a 3D computer-generated image of Salmonella bacteria).

4 thoughts on “Human consciousness is an illusion.

  1. What we call thinking is mostly the manipulation of symbologies of mathematics and linguistics according to the applicable rule sets. Humans are capable of thinking and so are computers.
    It doesn’t seem appropriate to talk of the consciousness of computers, so why is it we talk about the consciousness of humans?
    It is clear that thinking is a physical process for both humans and machines and that there is no separate no physical basis for consciousness.


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