My PhD in Artificial Intelligence is on the right track!

Last year when I resigned my stable job to focus in finishing my PhD about Artificial Intelligence I was looked with an staring glance by my coworkers who thought I was trying to accomplish something impossible…

It’s no wonder that some people can’t imagine that synthetic creative thinking might be achieved with the current developments in Cognitive Computing. As we all know fear is innovation’s worst enemy because it freezes our creativity which flows from a fearless sense of combinatorial and adventurous job of discovery which mixes ideas, concepts, colors, forms, and theories.

After a long process of study and research I found that the best way that I could take in order to achieve my goals and design creative AI agents is to use Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). According to programmer and Deep Learning enthusiast Jonathan Hui using this class of algorithms is like drawing a portrait or composing a symphony since the main focus for GAN is to generate data from scratch.

So I can now proudly show you the advances of my research after training a GAN with paintings by artists MalevichSonia Delaunay and Chillida (see picture above). The implementation of this set of Deep Learning algorithms -with the help of a software engineer in China- offers an Artificial Intelligence capable of “understanding” modern art and which is able to”imagine“and make new paintings. How cool is that?

So now with the current development in digital cognitive technology, and with GAN especially, we can without a doubt begin to speak comfortably of the machine as artist. Understanding this creative and aesthetic sensitivity on the part of the machine might help lead to a friendlier and more sensitive AI in general.

All these questions about creativity, aesthetics, thinking and behaving are all products of information processing, so in the end research in AI can accelerate our understanding of human cognition. Let’s keep moving forward in order to break through the barrier of disbelief!

(Pictures: & paintings imagined by my first art creating AI Agent)

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