The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off.

“The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off. It takes the idea of a decentered self and makes it more concrete by modeling mind as a multi- processing machine. Where the Freudian vision seemed speculative to some, literary to others, the computational model arrives with the authoritative voice of science behind it—and with the prospect that someday there will be a thinking machine whose existence will taunt us to say how we are other than it.
One thing is certain: the riddle of mind, long a topic for philosophers, has taken on new urgency. Under pressure from the computer, the question of mind in relation to machine is becoming a central cultural preoccupation. It is becoming for us what sex was to the Victorians—threat and obsession, taboo and fascination”.

As Sherry Turkle, sociologist and phsycologist, wrote in “The Second Self”, ch. 9 (1984).

*(Picture: Portrait of Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis a pseudoscientific practice that laid a groundwork for more empirically valid approaches).

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