Understanding the nature of the Mind.

“Many philosophers who are ‘interested in the mind’ as they say, nonetheless don’t value neuroscience except for it’s clinical implications. And they want to try to understand the nature of the mind quite independently of understanding anything about the nature of the brain. Which seems to me to be a very peculiar thing to do, but I think that that is beginning to change amongst the younger generation, I think the older generation – people who got their degrees in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and so forth – I think those people still have this idea that philosophy is fundamentally an a priori discipline, and that simply by virtue of reflection and conceptual analysis that they can set limits for science and that they can tell us what can and cannot be known. And I think that’s probably terribly misguided.


The philosophers who will be out of a job are those who imagine that they can solve problems about the nature of the mind simply by reflection and by paying attention to language, it ain’t going to happen”.

Neurophilopsher Patricia Churchland in a podcast by leading science journal Nature.

*Picture: Patricia Churchland at Brainwash Festival 2015).

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