Evolution of human communication.

Human communication is unique for its extensive use of abstract language and development of our civilization has been closely linked with progress in telecommunication.

Communication (from Latin communicare, meaning “to share”) is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules. Therefore the way that we humans use symbols and signals to transmit information among each other in order to communicate is fundamentally different from the way that most animal species do it, specially if we take into account how we mediate this process through technology.

In the 1960’s canadian media-theorist Marshall McLuhan asserted that societies are changed especially by advances in communication technologies. This processes regarding communication in our daily lives to exchange information, create meaning, and share understanding remain a critical component of human relationships. Communication is definitely a cybernetic process, as mathematician and philosopher Norbert Wiener proclaimed in 1948, where our actions taken in hope of achieving goals are connected to the information flow between the actor and the environment.

While the nature of our interactions has shifted dramatically since early humans first experimented with symbols some 100,000 years ago, at our core, we humans remain the same profoundly social creatures, always searching for new ways to communicate, cooperate, and truly connect. In the following infographic from Mobile Text Alerts we are able to see a recap of 10 important communication methods and their historical origins, from primitive modes of communication like smoke signals and cave writings to the first mailing system, the telegraph, the computer, and the revolutionary invention of the smartphone.

Let’s have a look at this infographic together…

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