Sociology has been killed…

“Obviously, we do not have a cult of geniality in the sciences (or rather, in the ranks of the spectators of science) any more, while scientists, by and large, have not gotten stupid. So where do the big thinkers and paradigm shifters hide?

(…) for in times of reduced public spending, tenured positions for out-of-the-box thinkers are scarce in many disciplines, or they have chosen obscure corners of academia that will forever deny them fame. Or they choose a career in business instead and work at Google and Amazon.

(…) Systemic sociology has been killed off by the influences of continental philosophy and Maturana (…). Many computer game companies have better abstractions of societies and social interaction than academia. A new systemic sociology will have to start almost from scratch”.

Joscha Bach, Artificial Intelligence resercher and entrepreneur (2013).


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