14 useful UX design facts.

The field of User Experience Design (UXD) is a conceptual discipline focused on the interaction between human users, technology, and their contextual environments.

The most imperative attribute that a UX designer can exude is the art of understanding people in general, and users in particular. Sounds relatively simple, right? Except that, it’s not. Every user is a unique person with a different way of thinking and a diverse perspective therefore, a successful UX designer should be to comprehend the needs of the users before coming up with a creative solution.

UX designers solve problems, help users do things, and guide their behavior towards certain outcomes. The only way this can effectively be done is by thinking of innovative solutions and being creative and structured in order to truly connect with our users. We should’t underestimate our users, although they sometimes don’t know exactly how the systems that we design work, most of the times we can guide them through known patterns and trust in their intuition so they can learn to use their artifacts. Users are not idiots, but can get angry when something doesn’t work the way it should…

So the main focus of all this process is to design things that are intuitive and easy to use, and which are both relevant and significant to the target users. Adopting a reductionist approach to design and focusing in the essentials that are all functional we help create void spaces and a sense of freedom. And being minimalist may look simple, but we should not despise the power of simplicity.

The following infographic highlights 14 user facts that every UX designer should know when designing a website. Enjoy!

*(Pictures: usertest.io & DesignMantic).

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