Artistic research is embodied knowledge.

“The kind  of  reflection  that  artistic  research is,  the  contingent  perspectives  it  delivers,  its  performative  power,  and  the  realism  it  brings  to  bear–  all  these  make  artistic  research  into  a  distinctive instrument  that  will  not  readily  conform  to  the established  mores  and  conventions  in  the  more  traditional  academic world.  This  is  the  fundamental  uneasiness  and  restlessness  that  haunts relations  between  the  artistic  and  the  academic.  But  if  the  university, if  academia,  is  willing  and  able  to  incorporate  these  unstable,  uneasy attributes  into  its  midst  –  along  with  the  non-discursive  artistic  research practices  –  then  we  can  say  that  progress  has  been  made”.


“Much  artistic  research  focuses  simultaneously  on  enriching  our  world  by  developing  new  products  (like  compositions,  images,  performances,  installations)  and  on  broadening  our  understanding  of  reality  and  of  ourselves  –  an  understanding  that  is embodied in the products  generated  by  the  research. This  dual  research aim  likewise  transcends  the  classic  dichotomy  of  applied  versus  basic research”.

Henk Borgdorff, philosopher and music theorist, in “The Conflict of the Faculties. Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia” (2012).

*(Picture: view from Georgia O'Keeffe's art studio in New Mexico).

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