Craftsmanship in web & UX design…

Inspired by the work of sociologist Richard Sennet, I’ll try to explain my approach to craftsmanship in contemporary use of digital tools, organizing work cyberspace, and thinking about inmaterial relationships with computer networks…

In 1986 for my 10th birthday my parents gave me a Spectrum 48k computer and I spent hours and hours in my bedroom trying to learn programming by myself, and playing 8bit video games. Later during my college years in I taught myself how to web design and published my first website in 1998, so I have been around computers my whole life. But now, since I’m not a kid anymore and I’m researching for my PhD without any kind of grants or monetary help, I have to earn a decent living working with my professional skills. Therefore in order to sustain my family I have found that I really enjoy developing web messages and platforms that express information, data, emotion, culture and aesthetics. Definitely I have found enjoyment in my approach to design for the digital world with a craftsmanship spirit, that is, working on products and services with care, skill, and ingenuity.

While web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites, according to Ecem Keskin UX design is planning the life cycle of the product. So UX designers solve problems, help users do things, and guide their behavior towards certain outcomes. The only way you can be a good web and UX designer is by thinking of innovative solutions and being creative and structured in order to truly connect with your users. So, as we can see, in order to be able to make beautiful and useful web products a blended approach between this two fields it’s necessary. Challenging ourselves to approach our work with a focus on discovery, fluidity, and critical thinking instead of sticking only with concrete skills and job titles will be the best strategy to offer the best outcome to our clients…

As we can guess by seeing the following infographic the union of both this profiles -web and UX designers- offers a professional that is conceptual, philosophical, visually inspired and creative… a profile lately defined as full-stack designer, a person who can understand a problem, propose a solution and help taking it to reality. So if we add to it a sense of craftsmanship -which according to Richard Sennet names an enduring, basic human impulse that is the desire to do a job well for its own sake- we will have a priceless professional for the digital age… Can you ask for more?

*(Pictures: Elegant Themes, Scorch Agency & Medium).

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