Article published in AusArt Magazine.

AusArt, the journal on research in contemporary art from a multidisciplinary perspective, has published my paper “A critique of contemporary artificial intelligence art: Who is Edmond de Belamy?“.

This academic magazine, published by the Fine Arts University of the Basque Country in the city if Bilbao, is an open-access publication with a JCR quartile of Q2.

I’m more than happy about sharing these writings about my research in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Aesthetics which are part of my PhD thesis that I shall present in 2021. Here I leave you with a summary of the text:

Edmond de Belamy is a 2018 painting made by french collective Obvious, created using a type of Artificial Intelligence algorithms called Generative Adversarial Networks, which was sold at Christie’s auction house in New York for $432,500. This historic event -the so-called auction of the “first artwork made by an AI” raises 3 interesting questions about authorship, originality, and the arts as a space for scientific inquiry. While some think that the current deployment of Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence techniques that we are seeing in the art world today may be seen as the ultimate “Gesamtkunstwerk” or total artwork, other points of view express that not only we need this type of cultural artifacts as a critique of industrialized use of Artificial Intelligence, but also a strict criteria has to be delimited in order to review contemporary art made with Machine Learning techniques.


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