• Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Science and Values
      University of the Basque Country + National Autonomous University of Mexico (2019).
    • Master’s Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience
      Autonomous University of Barcelona (2016).
    • Master’s Degree in Information Society and Urban-Regional Development
      University of Santiago de Compostela (2016).
    • Posgraduate Degree in Cultural Innovation: Arts, Digital Media and Popular Culture
      Open University of Catalonia + LABoral, Center of Art and Industrial Creation (2013).
    • MPhil in Urbanism and Territorial Planning
      Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian (2010).
    • Doctoral Program: Idea, Form and Matter in Architecture
      Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian (2004).
    • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication
      University of the Basque Country + Universität der Künste Berlin (2000)

WORK (1996-ongoing..):

For many years I worked as a cultural agent, web designer, digital marketing manager and teacher for different companies and business. Now -while finishing my PhD thesis in Philosophy of Art, Science and Technology about Artificial Creativity & Posthumanity at the University of the Basque Country- I work as a freelance transdisciplinary artist.

List of clients:

    • Art institutions: Arteleku, Donostia Kultura, Hirikilabs-Tabakalera, Kutxa Kultur, Museo Marítimo de San Sebastián, C.C. Montehermoso.
    • Brands: Nokia, Loreak Mendian, Carhartt, HLC SB Distribution, Upper Playground, Vision Street Wear, Vans.
    • Education: Centro de Estudios AEG, Catalina de Erauso Ikastetxea, Aiete Ikastetxea, Asociación TxikiAktiba, Laboratorios Ikertze Arte-Niño, Academia Lacunza, Grupo SIE Consultoría y Formación, Universidad del País Vasco.
    • Festivals: ArtFutura, Elektronikaldia, Zemos98, SONAR, MusicaExMachina, Madrid Abierto, Sub/versiones Urbanas, SkateXpresion, BIME Hack Day, LibreCon Business & Open Technologies Conference, Donostia Fashion Week…
    • Marketing: Soda Marketing Integral, Promueve3, Animatu Multimedia, DK Muralismo, Amasté Comunicación.
    • Media: JOK Films, ETB3, Planet Radio 100.3FM, Tres60 magazine, Surfer Rule, Dogway skate magazine, The Balde, Entzun aldizkaria…


    • Arte Loko Crew: A group of urban-art pioneers founded in San Sebastián in 1993. We had fun painting colorful murals and did plenty of commercial graffiti jobs too!
    • 9cDR: An art & technology collective and DIY record-label founded in 2000 to promote experimental culture, noise & glitch music, VJing, net-art…
    • Street Zinema Festival: An internacional urban-art film festival that from 2003 to 2010 showed documentaries, curated art exhibitions, organized concerts, and promoted the critical analysis of contemporary youth cultures.
    • Galería Parafernalia: An artist-run space and pop-up shop opened downtown San Sebastián in 2008 which had 3 different locations until it’s closure in 2012. Specialized in lowbrow art, designer toys, and urban photography we pionered the street-art movement in the Basque Country.
    • Flüxüs: In 2012 I founded a small “edupunk” entrepreneurial project which mission was to help citizens through digital empowerment processes using “open-source” tools creatively.
    • TEDxPlayadeOndarreta: I was the licensee and organizer of this program in 2014 designed to help our community and to spark conversation and connection through “ideas worth spreading”.
    • Bauhaus Graffiti Toolkit: Design and implemetation of a Didactic Guide and Open-Source Toolkit for the development of urban graphic interventions with my kid´s school Aiete Ikastetxea and Tabakalera Art Center´s maker space.
    • Fast Brains: Research project for a libertarian education and the discovery of talent through neuroscience and creativity. In 2016 we also developed an APP for the flipped-classroom called “Friskül“.


Copywriting, Visual Design, Web Development, Social Media, Guerrilla Marketing, Video Recording & Editing, Event Planning, Communication, Public Speaking, Storytelling, Collaboration, Project Management, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Self-motivation, Adaptability, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking.


Photography, chess, home cooking, hiking, paddle surf, skateboarding, electronic music…

+ + + + +

*(Picture: portrait in 2011 by Irene Ormazabal).