WORK (1995-today):

I’m a multimedia artist and digital designer based in Donostia-San Sebastian with 25 years of experience working in the fields of creative communication, web design, education and cultural production.

Since a very young age I realized that art, design and technology help us envision and build alternative worlds… In 1988 I started skateboarding and in 1998 I taught myself how to design websites. So being an early adopter of both street culture and new media has brought me interesting work experiences in the field of digital marketing and creative communication.

Currently my professional work is to help people, organizations and companies to accelerate their digital transformation. Nowadays I work as a Communications Manager at Sinnergiak Social Innovation Center, and I’m also the founder of Galapagos Studio.

My academic background is in visual arts, urban geography and cognitive science. Nowadays I’m finishing my PhD thesis about the relationship between Art and Cognitive Science at the University of the Basque Country.


    • Art & Culture: Arteleku, Donostia Kultura, DSS2016, Tabakalera, Kutxa Kultur, Museo Marítimo de San Sebastián, C.C. Montehermoso.
    • Brands: Nokia, Loreak Mendian, Carhartt, HLC SB Distribution, Sancheski, Upper Playground, Vision Street Wear, Vans.
    • Communication: Soda Marketing Integral, Promueve3, Animatu Multimedia, DK Muralismo, Amasté Comunicación, Tech For Society, BiscayTIK Foundation, Binari Basque Internet Culture.
    • Education: Laboratorios Ikertze Arte-Niño, Ostargi Gizarte Elkartea, Catalina de Erauso Ikastetxea, Aiete Ikastetxea, Asociación TxikiAktiba, Academia Lacunza, Centro de Estudios AEG, Heziplus, Grupo SIE Consultoría y Formación, Ankulegi, Hirikilabs, Universidad del País Vasco.
    • Festivals & Conferences: ArtFutura, SONAR (Barcelona), Elektronikaldia (Donostia), Sub/versiones Urbanas (Donostia), Donostia Fashion Week, Zemos98 (Sevilla),  MusicaExMachina (Bilbao), Zinebi (Bilbao), BLV-Art (Bilbao), SkateXpresion (Bilbao), BIME Hack Day (Bilbao), Madrid Abierto, SkateXpresion (Bilbao), Leka Street-Art Jaialdia (Donostia), BIME Hack Day (Bilbao), LibreCon Business & Open Technologies Conference (Galicia), Inmersiones 2019 (Vitoria)…
    • Media: JOK Films, ETB3, Planet Radio 100.3FM, The Balde, Entzun aldizkaria, Hip Hop Life, Etecé Magazine, Revolucion Neolítica revista literaria, Husmee Magazine, Dogway skate magazine, Urban Magazine, Surfer Rule, Tres60 magazine…


Hard skills: Drawing, Photography, Video Recording & Editing, Visual Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, User Experience Research, Project Management, Event Planning, Public Speaking, Storytelling.

Soft skills: Open-minded, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Adaptability, Self-motivation, Self-discipline, Emotional Intelligence, Team-working, Appreciation of Aesthetics, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking, Resilience.


  • Photography
  • Street-art
  • Electronic music
  • Chess
  • Trail Running
  • Surfing & Skateboarding


  • Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Science and Values.
    University of the Basque Country & National Autonomous University of Mexico (2020).
  • Master’s Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience.
    Autonomous University of Barcelona (2016).
  • Master’s Degree in Information Society and Urban-Regional Development.
    University of Santiago de Compostela (2016).
  • Posgraduate Degree in Applied Neuromarketing.
    University of Barcelona (2015).
  • Posgraduate Degree in Cultural Innovation: Arts, Digital Media and Popular Culture.
    Open University of Catalonia + LABoral, Center of Art and Industrial Creation (2013).
  • Posgraduate Degree in Ecologic Urbanism.
    Autonomous University of Madrid (2012).
  • Posgraduate Degree in Social Media Management.
    National University of Distance Education, UNED (2011).
  • MPhil in Urbanism and Territorial Planning.
    Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian (2010).
  • Doctoral Program: Idea, Form and Matter in Architecture.
    Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian (2004).
  • Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship: Studies in Visual Communication.
    College of Architecture, Media and Design – Universität der Künste Berlin (2000).
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts.
    University of the Basque Country (2000).

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*(Picture: portrait in 2011 by Irene Ormazabal).