Fast Brains

From 2015 to 2017 I developed this experimental project to foster my vision on STEAM education through skateboarding, technology, ecology, art, and multimedia.

I’m half rebel, half nerd; a long-time skateboarder with an interest in sharing my know-how in order to live a dynamic and intellectually stimulating life…


  • Skateboarding coaching and videography.
  • Custom courses and workshops on Art, Ecology and Technology.
  • Promotion and communication of Educational Neuroscience.
  • EdTech and Social Learning consultancy.

You can watch this videos of different projects with: Aiete Public School, Txikiaktiba Association or Tabakalera Cultural Center. In 2017 we also published an interesting comic available right here!


MISSION: Help young people focus their creativity.
VISION: Skateboarding, art and the ICTs as tools for fun education.
VALUES: Live and let live!


*(Picture: Mikel FS-boneless at Anoeta Skatepark, Donostia 2017).