> Arte Loko Crew: A group of urban-art pioneers formed in 1993 in San Sebastian.We had fun painting colorful murals and did plenty of commercial graffiti jobs too!

Thrashin’ (the band): In 1997 I suffered a serious injury that forced me to rest for a long time so I decided to focus my energy on music. I formed various bands but this is the one I’m most fond of. In collaboration with my friend Yon Vidaur we spend hours sampling old music and film conversations, mixing sounds, playing our synthesizers and making beats. You can hear our album edited in 1999 here!

> 9cDR: An avant-garde collective and DIY record-label founded in 2000 to promote experimental electronic music, concerts, DJing, VJing, interactive net.art pieces…

> Perros Callejeros Films: In 2003, heavily inspired by 80’s & 90’s video-art and spanish “quinqui” cinema, I started a small production company that brought out more than 5 DVD’s and helped establish closer links between the world of skateboarding, art and popular culture in my local community.

> Street Zinema Festival: An internacional urban-art film festival that from 2003 to 2010 showed documentaries, curated art exhibitions, organized concerts, and promoted the critical analysis of contemporary youth cultures.

> Arteleku Hall of Fame: In 2006, faced with a panorama of zero tolerance against street art in Donostia, I got the director of art-center Arteleku to allow us to paint a wall on the sides of its building. For over a decade it was the only legal site for the practice of this cultural practice in the San Sebastian region.

> Galería Parafernalia: An artist-run space and pop-up shop opened downtown San Sebastián in 2008 which had 3 different locations until it’s closure in 2012. Specialized in lowbrow art, designer toys, and urban photography we pionered the street-art movement in the Basque Country.

4203144317_45d78c3f4d_b.jpgDonostia Fixed Gear: In 2009 seduced by urban cycling and fixed-gear bikes I formed this collective with some friends to promote this sport in our city.

> Flüxüs: In 2012 I founded a small “edupunk” entrepreneurial project which mission was to help citizens through digital empowerment processes using “open-source” tools creatively. Having in mind the revolutions brought in education by digital technologies we designed an Android tablet which was manufactured in China and distributed in various schools in the Basque Country.

> Donostia Fashion Week: In 2013 and 2014 I worked in this event and devised it’s young designers contest called “Gure Moda Gaur”.

> TEDxPlayadeOndarreta: I was the licensee and organizer of this program in 2014 designed to help our community and to spark conversation and connection through “ideas worth spreading”.

> Bauhaus Graffiti Toolkit: Design and implementation of a Didactic Guide and Open-Source Toolkit for the development of urban graphic interventions at my kid´s school with the collaboration of Hirikilabs maker-space (2015).

FRiSKÜL app: A startup founded in 2016 to develop a software solution for the flipped-classroom. Our project was inspired by libertarian education philosophy: a decentralized network in which skills, information and knowledge were shared without the hierarchies of the institutional environment of traditional authoritarian education.

Fast Brains AcademyA sociocultural project which mission was to foster creativity, talent and personal development through applied knowledge of cognitive science in the lifestyle sports. In 2017 we edited an interesting comic that you can read here!

{HOLOBIONTia}: My new project for 2019 which is closely related with my PhD research is the developing of an Artificial Intelligence agent capable of not only “understanding” data, but that will be able to “imagine” new stuff. The findings of this exploration might lead to the offering of new tools for different fields in the creative industries (design, architecture, fashion)…

> Who is Edmond de Bellamy?: A short video-documentary (work in progress!) that will follow the sale of the so-called first painting made by an Artificial Intelligence to explore the relationship between technological innovation and the art-market.