This project is part of my research at the Master’s Degree in “Philosophy, Science and Values” in the University of the Basque Country.

As an independent scholar -heavily inspired by the epistemic autonomy of researchers like Charles Darwin- my main goal with this investigation is to offer clues about the biological substrate of creativity and innovation by experimenting with Artificial Intelligence.

My master’s thesis is titled “Machine Learning and Abstract Art: A Systems Neuroscience approach to Artificial Creativity” (2020) and explores contemporary art practices as a new way for scientific inquiry. In order to do so I investigate the relationship between artificial intelligence, posthumanism, open-source software, authorship, copyright, and synthetic imagination in the 21st century.

Right now (2019-20) I’m working with a set of Machine Learning algorithms in order to deploy an Intelligent Agent capable of “understanding” modern art and which is able not to only to “imagine”, but to make new paintings. By experimenting with these emerging technologies I also want to explore their cultural, political and aesthetic possibilities.


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