As an independent scholar, my main goal with my PhD dissertation is to offer clues about the biological substrate of creativity and innovation.

So I’m situated in the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and the emerging field of Neuroscience of Creativity to provide a synthesis that unites ConnectionismPosthumanism, Minimalism and Generative Art.

Right now (2019) I’m working in the development of a set of deep-learning algorithms in order to design an AI-agent capable of “understanding” modern art and which is able not to only to “imagine”, but to make new paintings. The findings of this exploration will lead to the offering of new tools for different fields in the creative industries (design, architecture, fashion)…

This journey goes hand in hand with my doctoral dissertation titled “Artificial Creativity in the Posthuman Age: centaurs, sirens, and unicorns in contemporary computer art” -which I  expect to finish by 2021- a work that explores contemporary art practices as a new way for scientific inquiry and investigates the relationship between artificial intelligence, open-source software, authorship, copyright, and synthetic imagination in the 21st century.

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